Letter From The Director

Dear Members,

When I wrote about “a rather mild winter” in the first quarter newsletter of 2015, little did I know the next winter would be an extremely mild winter. The weather allowed for smoother spring planting and preparing for spring break. We enjoyed shorter lines and less crowded conditions with spring break being more evenly distributed over a two-week period. A safe, comfortable and excellent first quarter.

We will again be traveling to Iquitos, Peru for Earth Day 2016 for the sixth annual release of orphaned and/or injured manatees back into their native habitat. We will share the experience with you in the next issue and provide an update of activities at Acobia, our rehabilitation and conservation center. Over the years, since early 2008 when we were first contacted about assisting with four orphaned Amazonian manatees, we have developed a very positive working relationship, with various agencies, local businesses, the Acobia staff and their families as well. Initially, the manatees lived in a small pool that was provided by a family member until more permanent arrangements could be made. In preparation for the manatee release in 2011, stuffed manatees were made by the mother of one staff member and shared with students and officials at the local press release. Not only was the manatee Custom Designed and Handmade, a local artisan has made character costumes for our enjoyment at the DWA since 2014.
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Judy Arroyo, founder of the Costa Rican Sloth Sanctuary, will soon be making her annual visit to the DWA On a previous visit, Rebecca Cliffe, a British Zoologist who has spent several years gathering data at the sanctuary, accompanied Judy to the DWA (Eco Currents, Q3-2014). Rebecca is back at Swansea University (UK) and compiling her findings. We are pleased to have participated in Raising Funds for a Good Cause and asked Rebecca to write an article about her progress.

As described in the DWA Supports Crocodilian Course in Venezuela for the second year, we are proud to provide training for young biologists and veterinarians. Participants received both theoretical instruction and hands-on involvement in the management and conservation of crocodilians.

If you have visited recently, perhaps you noticed our Blue-eyed Babies in the rainforest Lobo Del Rio exhibit. The two baby Giant otters are now appearing quite regularly and demonstrate their skills, whether it be swimming, eating or merely having fun.

The Book of the Month highlights our top-sellers during the holiday season, still showing no signs of slowing down in demand. With several adult coloring books and cards from which to select, stop by and see why coloring has become such an international craze. Remember that you receive a 10% discount on your purchases.

Thanks for your continued support of the DWA. As the school year progresses, the number of groups and students will increase. You are welcome to call and ask about the number of classes for a particular day and their estimated departure time.

Daryl Richardson

To find out how you can bring your group to The Dallas World Aquarium, contact us at: education@dwazoo.com or call 214 720 2224