Letter From The Director

It is hard to believe that a full year has passed since I was last writing about Earth Day. Once again, I was in Peru assisting with the release of three rescued and rehabilitated Amazonian manatees (Trichechus inunguis). It is rewarding to see that our environmental education work is effective as the number of manatees needing our assistance decreased to one in 2014. During the year, the number of children in the city and communities that participated in the education programs increased to 10,843. CREA (Centro de Rescate Amazonico) won the Kunan Award (for young innovators that create value in Peru) and was recognized by the Congress of Peru. The involvement at the local level is to be commended.
We are now partnering with another much closer to home rehab center — the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Hutchins, TX. Over the years we have had a good working relationship with Kathy, the owner, and are pleased to be able to donate to and help the center with their current needs. Since the 1980s, Kathy has provided care and rehabilitation to injured, sick and orphaned birds with the goal of returning them back to the wild. Taking in over 5,000 birds each year, their success rate is outstanding, with 92% of babies and 87% of adult birds being successfully reintroduced. www.rogerswildlife.org

Activities discussed in Special Days at the DWA describe how we celebrated not only Earth Day, but Arbor Day, Migratory Bird Day and World Oceans Day. A unique visit as a lead in for Earth Day by Spongebob Squarepants prior to Earth Day was enjoyed by all – DWA staff included.

If you see toys, egg cartons, green leaves growing out of dead bamboo, an octopus inside a hamster ball and other things that seem out of place, you are probably looking at Enrichment items that have been collected or made by our keepers, and cleverly placed in many of the exhibits. Perhaps you were privileged to see our Molting Japanese Spider Crab, but if not, the process is described in this article.
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The DWA is now on Instagram. Not only do we have beautiful photos taken by our staff, many guests often graciously share their images with us. The article, Pictures are Worth 1,000 Words and 1st Place Awards shows images that were 4-H contest winners.

Nuisance Crocodile Workshop in Nayarit State, Mexico highlights the importance of educating people to live safely with crocodiles. The Book of the Month is written by our good friend and frequent visitor, noted reptile specialist Dr. Brady Barr, with his latest publication describing his Scrapes with Snakes.

If you have been a member for some time at the DWA, you probably know the best times and days to visit in the summer. With school being out, we will no doubt see the usual crowds. You are welcome to call ahead and ask if we have a line and if it is a good time to visit.

Thank you for your continued support of the DWA.

Daryl Richardson


To find out how you can bring your group to The Dallas World Aquarium, contact us at: education@dwazoo.com or call 214 720 2224